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Overview and History of Directory Services. Disponible en ligne.

Guidelines for the Evaluation of X.500 Directory Products.

Documents généraliste sur les annuaires

Directory Services for Linux in comparison with Novell NDS and Microsoft Active Directory. Norbert Klasen.

LDAP version 2

Anciens RFC

[rfc1959] An LDAP URL Format. RFC 1959.

LDAP version 3

[rfc2255] The LDAP URL Format. RFC 2255.

[rfc2829] Authentication Methods for LDAP. RFC 2829.

Autres RFC LDAP utilisée

[rfc2596] Use of Language Codes in LDAP. RFC 2596.

Autres documents normatifs

Autres RFCs utilisées

[rfc1738] Uniform Resource Locators (URL). RFC 2849.